About Carolinas Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Hemal Mehta MD

Dr. Hemal Mehta MD is the Medical Director and supervising physician overseeing all cases. He is a North Carolina licensed physician, board certified in Physical & Rehabilitative Medicine with a subspecialty in pain management and 16 years of clinical experience. He is the consulting physician for 19 clinics nationwide and has extensive training and experience in Stem Cell Therapy. Dr. Mehta is a Stem Cell patient also!

In his free time, Dr. Mehta enjoys playing sports, exercising, reading, painting and sketching.

Tanisha Toney AGACNP-BC

Nurse Practitioner

Tanisha is our Nurse Practitioner and is licensed in the state of North Carolina. Prior to becoming a Nurse Practitioner Ms. Toney has been a Registered Nurse for over ten years. She has a passion for providing quality healthcare and ensuring the best outcomes for her patients.

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